• "Experience and professionalism in engineering since 1994."

  • "Experience and professionalism in engineering since 1994."

  • "Experience and professionalism in engineering since 1994."

  • "Experience and professionalism in engineering since 1994."

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About company

 Axis Industries appoints CEO of its group member Remeksi Keskus 

In the beginning of October, Gintautas Gaižauskas, the former purchasing director of Axis Industries, who has been heading the metal factory in Kazlų Rūda since 2016, took office as the CEO of Remeksi Keskus, the   Estonian steel structure manufacturing company. Remeksi Keskus joined Axis Industries in May 2017. The company has been successfully operating since 1994, manufacturing steel structures and custom-made equipment for industrial purposes. The company has 265 employees.


According to Mr Gaižauskas, the market demand in metal processing and production services is high, therefore, it is expected to continue boosting production of steel structures and technological equipment. The group plans to proceed with production of steel structures at Remeksi Keskus AS, which will establish its branch in Kazlų Rūda, Lithuania.

One of our key aims is to ensure a more efficient operation of Remeksi Keskus. The Lean tools, previously successfully applied during operations in Lithuania, will be invoked for the achievement of this purpose,said Mr Gaižauskas.


According to him, the plant in Estonia opens new possibilities for the company clients. Our production capacities have increased fourfold, enabling us to satisfy the complex needs of the clients by manufacturing both tiny and bulky elements,added he. The production base in Estonia is for heavy-duty products, while the branch in Kazlų Rūda is specialising in smaller parts.

According to Gaižauskas, the value of the orders received by Remeksi Keskus in the past few months comprises over 3 million euro. Remeksi Keskus signed new contracts with Tenova, an Indian mining industry company, the Estonian group of companies Viru Kemia Grupp, a Lithuanian enterprise BCI LT and a Russian company Technora.


Upon its acquisition by Axis Industries, Remeksi Keskus AS is planning to triple its metal services turnover in 2017, expecting a spurt from 7 to 20 million euro within a year. The company hopes to increase the export volumes of steel structures by at least 50 per cent up to 12 million euro a year.



Remeksi Keskus' shareholders are changing

On 25 May 2017, the Remeksi Keskus company became a part of Axis Industries – the largest group of engineering product and solution implementation companies in Lithuania.

The new Remeksi Keskus shareholders will ensure the continuity of the company's operations and obligations. Its obligations to existing clients and partners will also remain unchanged.

Are you a Remeksi Keskus client or partner? We will contact you soon.

For more information about the Axis Industries group of companies: http://www.axioma.eu/en/group-of-companies






Established in 1994 AS Remeksi Keskus is  specializing in production of high quality industrial equipment and metal constructions for different purposes. The company is located in North-eastern Estonia in the close vicinity of the Tallinn – Narva road, 160 km from Tallinn and occupies a territory of 10 ha. The nearest seaport is only 30 km away.

Total area of heated production areas equipped with lifting devices is 25 000m2. The company has 280 people of a highly qualified staff and certified according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 1090 and ISO 3834-2.

The main feature of AS Remeksi Keskus is an ability to provide the full range of services in the field of mechanical engineering, manufacturing of metal products from design to commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

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